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Monday, August 30, 2010

ShiksaChef Starter Kit

Here are the essential tools for getting started

1 sharp chef's knife (good quality)
1 paring knife
1 serrated knife
1 knife sharpener

1 large crock pot
1 medium sauce pan
1 small sauce pan
1 large (12 in) skillet
1 large (12 in) nonstick skillet (for fish and stir fry)
1 cast iron skillet (cheap and you'll have it forever)

Wooden Spoons
Meat Thermometer

Cheese Grater
Graduated Bowls
Measuring cups for dry and wet measuring
Measuring spoons
1 Strainer

1 Sheet pan
1 9 by 12 in baking dish

1 hand mixer
1 KitchenAid standing mixer (if you're budget won't allow for this, 1 hand mixer will be fine)
1 food processor

If you're budget is tight, buy as you go along in your cooking journey.



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